(UK) Former Rangers boss Graeme Souness slams fast food shops and compares them to drug dealers

ARDMAN Graeme Souness has laid into shops which sell junk food to kids – and compared them to drug dealers.

The ex-Rangers boss and Scotland star believes the nation’s poor diet may explain our abject performances at international level.

His comments come in the wake of Scotland’s 2-1 defeat against Wales at Hampden on Friday.

In his Sunday newspaper column, Souness told of a drive he had from Auchterarder to Dunfermline.

He said: “As I came into Dunfermline, it coincided with the schools coming out for their lunch break.

“There was a modern school and pupils were piling out of it. As we got down the hill, there was a parade of shops – a pizza place, a baker’s and a fish and chip shop.

“There were queues outside the doors and all the kids were eating junk food.

“I was thinking, ‘Scotland is going to have a major problem.’

“We wouldn’t let drug dealers set up shop outside our schools, putting their poison into our kids, so why should these places be able to?”

Souness said his thoughts were not purely motivated by the sport he loves. He said: “Forget football for a minute, this is a social problem. There should be a government campaign to highlight to our children all they are doing is storing up problems for further down the line, such as obesity and diabetes.

“It affects our sporting achievement, it affects our life expectancy, it adds to our welfare bill and increases the number of days we miss from work.”

The ex-Liverpool midfielder said fitness is more important than ever, adding: “When you look at the modern game it is about athletes. Gareth Bale is a good example.”

The 2011 Scottish health survey found only 65.6 per cent of kids had a healthy weight in 2011, down from 70.3 per cent in 1998.

The Scottish Government said: “Healthy living forms part of every pupil’s learning. However, the siting of food vendors is a matter for local authorities.”




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