Website exposes truth about fast food advertising

Lifehacker has recently launched Takeaway Truth, a segment that sees the Australian website compare the images company’s use to promote their products with how they appear in real life.

The segment aims to highlight the misleading tactics fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC use to sell their products, primarily by making them look more appetising and appealing than they actually are.

Upon analysis of both the promotional image and the actual product, the Lifehacker team gives the company a truth rating out of 10.

Most recently, the segment looked at KFC’s grilled taster box, a new limited edition product that forms part of the company’s Snack Attack range.

On its website KFC states the taster box consists of “a succulent grilled chicken breast strip, our famous chips and gravy for just $2.50.”

In this particular case, KFC received a truth rating of three out of 10 because it’s succulent chicken breast clearly had not been grilled and is much smaller in size, meanwhile the box is definitely not filled to the brim with freshly cooked, golden brown chips.



Lifehacker claims this is what the grilled taster box actually looks like


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